Top 30 Chillout Songs of 2012

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Chillout songs 2012

15. MMOTHS – “If Only”

Chill zone material indeed. MMOTHS‘s “If Only”.

14. Frank Ocean – “Thinkin’ Bout You”

This is one of my favourite tracks of Frank Ocean’s momentous album “Channel Orange“. The instrumental really compliments Frank Ocean’s superb vocals.

13. Kilo Kish – “Navy”

Kilo Kish’s “Navy” was literally on repeat throughout majority of 2012. OK, maybe that was a little bit of an exaggeration, but it’s still one of my favourite chillout songs. The Brooklyn-raised ‘rapper’ has really wooed me with this space-inspired song. It should definitely be played on a come down.

12. Zebra Katz – “Ima Read”

To be honest, I heard this track pretty late, but as soon as I did, I was hooked. One of the best tracks to play at a party if you ask me.

11. Sleep Party People – “A Dark God Heart”

No, Sleep Party People aren’t a community-based charity for individuals suffering with sleep deprivation, but the name of a Danish electronic band. Though the first single of their forthcoming album, “A Dark God Heart”, is as odd as their band name, their post-rock ambient music, are, well – just as odd. However, their music, which could be described by some as the total opposite of chill, is to me, an effulgence of pretty harmonies sang over explosive guitars, erratic stings and awkward noises.

10. Mikky Ekko – “Pull Me Down”

One of the smoothest songs of 2012. Born John Stephen Sudduth, Mikky Ekko‘s “Pull Me Down”, a collaboration with Clams Casino, is arguably one of the best R&B songs of 2012.

9. The Weeknd – “What You Need”

Before you say anything, we know that “What You Need” was released back in 2011, racking up over 7,000,000 views on YouTube since its inception a year ago… But since “What You Need” was re-released on “The Weeknd: Trilogy”, we thought it best to include it within the the best chillout songs of 2012.

8. Poliça – “Lay Your Cards Out”

Menacing and awkwardly beautiful. Whenever I listen to Poliça; one of Jay-Z’s favourite bands, I weirdly have a vision of Woodstock hippies, dancing around a camp fire, don’t ask.  Anyway chill out to Poliça’s “Lay Your Cards Out”.

7. Michael Kiwanuka – “Home Again”

“Home Again” is off Michael Kiwanuka’s debut album “Home Again”, which was released on New Year’s Day. The song peaked to number 29 on the UK Singles chart.

6. Jai Paul – “Jasmine”

Ever since Jai Paul dropped the fantastic “BTSTU” on us over a year ago, we have been craving new material, but nothing materialized – until “Jasmine” was released…

5. Sigur Rós – “Ekki Múkk”

To be frank, half of Sigur Rós’s album “Valtari”, should have featured on the best chillout songs of 2012 list – unfortunately it didn’t. However, we thought that Sigur Rós’s epitomizes chillout music so perfectly, so that two tracks have been featured. “Eg Anda” is doused in unfamiliarity and etherealness. Chill sounds.

4. XXYYXX – “About You”

At only 16, Marcel Everett (XXYYXX) is at the forefront of murky productions. The Florida native is certainly one to watch out for in the 2013. “About You” is rather epic.

3. Disclosure – “What’s In Your Head”

Disclosure seem to be producing hit after hit after hit. “What’s In Your Head” certainly puts me in that chill zone – the videos not too bad either.

2. Alt J – “Tessellate”

Personally, one of my favourite songs ever. Alt J’s “Tessellate” is off the Cambridge quartet’s debut album “An Awesome Wave”.  The dynamic grooves and synths coupled with lead singer Joe Newman’s vocals are all ironically reminiscent of tessellation – a pattern of shapes which fit perfectly together.

1. Bondax – “Baby I Got That” & “All Inside”

And so we have it. The best chillout songs of 2012. Bondax’s “Baby I Got That” and “All Inside” are the best form of medication for stress (not scientifically proven). The Lancaster-based teenage double act has topped the bill, so much so that we’ve featured two of their tracks. You can decide which is more chill.