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Shy Luv – Caught Up On You

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I have meaning to post up this sensational track “Caught Up On You” for the past few days, but have been majorly caught up with work (no pun intended). Thankfully this track has helped me through a stressful couple of hours, and now I’m willing to return the favour by writing about it. Constructed by…


Drums of Death – True feat. Yasmin

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When we interviewed Yasmin last year at the Red Bull Culture Clash, she told us that she was working with a number of different producers on a decent amount of new material. The sheer scale of her work is rapidly being revealed after appearing on smash hits for the likes of Diplo, Karma Kid, Gorgon…


Top 30 Chillout Songs of 2012

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Chillout songs 2012

Chillout music (also referred to as chill out, chill wave or simply chill), always seems to transport me away from assiduous metropolis, into utopic suburbia, with ethereal instruments and soulful harmonies accompanying me. Personally, I believe chill out music isn’t synonymous with any genre or musical structure, it’s anything that relaxes you. Some people listen to the…