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How To Dress Well – Words I Don’t Remember

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This week How To Dress Well revealed his intentions to follow-up his amazing 2012 album, “Total Loss“, with the release of a brand new single called “Words I Don’t Remember“. Sticking with his trademark ethereal R&B style, this is an epic synth lead release that builds towards a devastating crescendo. Hopefully this is the first…


How To Dress Well – Total Loss (Album Review)

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How To Dress Well isn’t a mens fashion guide for sartorial gentleman but the stage name of experimental producer and singer Tom Krell. “Total Loss“, How To Dress Well’s sophomore album heavily regards the death and devastation which has run rife throughout his family. Total Loss isn’t a collection of tracks but a soundtrack of memories….


Top 30 Chillout Songs of 2012

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Chillout songs 2012

Chillout music (also referred to as chill out, chill wave or simply chill), always seems to transport me away from assiduous metropolis, into utopic suburbia, with ethereal instruments and soulful harmonies accompanying me. Personally, I believe chill out music isn’t synonymous with any genre or musical structure, it’s anything that relaxes you. Some people listen to the…