Max Elto – Taped Rai EP

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Max Elto Taped Rai EP

Max Elto were a whisker away from our #80For2014 feature, only because there wasn’t enough source material at the time to get a decent enough feel for their sound. One thing we always did agree with is that Tom Liljegren’s (or Alexander Ryberg’s – we’re not 100% sure) falsetto is simply jaw dropping.

The Swedish vocal duo were formally known as Taped Rai (the name of the current EP), and even appeared on an extended album cut from David Guetta‘s “Nothing But The Beat“. We’re still not sure about the quality of some of the original mixes, but the vocals are just so damn good that we honestly don’t give a shit.

Check out “Backyard Animals” and “Shadow of The Sun” especially.

Stream: Max Elto – “Taped Rai” EP