The Best Songs of 2011 So Far..

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Best Songs of 2011 Top Songs of 2011

Last year we decided to do our biggest feature to date, our “Remix of The Year 2010”. Whilst this post may not reach those heights of effort or user input, our inaugural “Best Songs of 2011” list is arguably just as important. You definitely won’t find any remixes here, this is purely what we believe to be the top songs of 2011 so far.

We have chosen 30 of our favourite tracks to grace our ears in 2011 and divided them in no particular order over the next 3 pages.

We aren’t a Pitchfork type of site so don’t be surprised to see some more commercial type songs creep into the list – we definitely appreciate songs that make you want to get up and dance on a night out. Also bear in mind that this “Best Songs of 2011” list is open to change based on: your feedback and also the caliber of songs we still have left to hear over the next few months.

We hope you enjoy!