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Strange Talk – Falling In Love

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Strange Talk Falling In Love

I set my timer to record the première of Strange Talk‘s brand new single “Falling In Love” on Wednesday on Triple J, but unfortunately I didn’t have any time since then to upload it. Luckily though, the band has come through with the upload of their single onto SoundCloud, ahead of the iTunes release at the end…


Strange Talk – Cast Away (Official Music Video)

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Strange Talk Cast Away

I’ve spent the last 4 days glued to several different Australian radio stations in the hope of getting a radio rip of Strange Talk‘s brand new single “Cast Away“, but until this evening the song managed to successfully evade my clutches. This is the first time in a long while that I’ve had to admit…


Strange Talk – Roxanne (The Police Cover)

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Strange Talk Roxanne The Police Cover

Up there as one of our favourite Australian bands at the moment, Strange Talk have just unleashed a beastly cover of The Police‘s seminal classic “Roxanne” via Neon Gold. Give it a listen and you will instantly realise how spot on these guys have nailed it. With every track they release my love for them grows…


Remix of the Month May 2011

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The amount of remixes that we have to choose from this year compared to 2010 is astounding, and this again is yet another very tough choice for who to put through for the month of May. So far I’ve been pretty much wrong with my predictions of who will go through so it will be…


Strange Talk – Sexual Lifestyle

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Strange Talk Sexual Lifestyle

After selling their self-titled EP through Neon Gold records earlier in the year it looks like Strange Talk finally have some new material to preview. Sexual Lifestyle is the first track to hit the net and thankfully it doesn’t stray too far from their trademark style. Sexual Lifestyle comes loaded with yet another in-your-face bassline…


The Best Songs of 2011 So Far..

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Best Songs of 2011 Top Songs of 2011

Last year we decided to do our biggest feature to date, our “Remix of The Year 2010”. Whilst this post may not reach those heights of effort or user input, our inaugural “Best Songs of 2011” list is arguably just as important. You definitely won’t find any remixes here, this is purely what we believe…