Youngr x A-L-X – Tried Love

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Sometimes, just sometimes, I dip into the shitstorm that is our email inbox, but when I do I normally come back out with some amazing material. Why don’t I do it more often you ask? Well we get so much stuff that it becomes quite overwhelming, and it would honestly be a full time job to try and sift through it all. Therefore it’s emails that catch the eye that are given priority.

One artist we have been looking out for recently is the Scottish singer/songwriter A-L-X who has been smashing it with his single releases. It turns out our boy has recently teamed up with a ‘brand new’ artist called Youngr to rework the instrumental for his recent single “Tried Love“. Here’s the kicker though, Youngr plays drums, bass, sampler, keys and anything else he can get his hands on in a one take live session with A-L-X handling vocals and some additional guitar. The end result is one of the finest displays of pure musicianship I have seen in my inbox for quite a while.

Youngr is definitely the key discovery to take away from my experience today (especially when I discovered he did a live remix of Flight Facilities‘ “Down To Earth“), but their collaboration is damn amazing too.

Youngr Presents: ALX - Tried Love