Youngr x A-L-X – Tried Love

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Sometimes, just sometimes, I dip into the shitstorm that is our email inbox, but when I do I normally come back out with some amazing material. Why don’t I do it more often you ask? Well we get so much stuff that it becomes quite overwhelming, and it would honestly be a full time job…


A-L-X – Pieces Of Me

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We’ve been tracking Scottish singer/songwriter A-L-X for a long while now and with each release he manages to surprise and delight with his individual style of guitar-led R&B. We’re now five tracks deep into his public discography, which is heightening our anticipation for his upcoming EP “Timebomb“. Each track so far has showcased a different…


A-L-X – Tried Love

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We’re already big fans of A-L-X who we have beenm tracking for the past year, and have also included in our Ones To Watch in 2015 post. His inclusion is thus far justified as today he dropped a delicious new sultry guitar driven R&B classic called “Tried Love“. We’re unsure if this is another track…


A-L-X – Allure

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We were captivated from the first moment we heard A-L-X‘s debut single “Beautiful Criminal“, but his new release “Allure” may be his best release to date. Continuing down the sexy, sultry path that he trod previously, “Allure” is simply a gorgeous single that probably wouldn’t go amiss on a Frank Ocean album. Throw in some nice…