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Oliver Duo Interview Mechanical

I sincerely doubt that there’s any need to introduce Oliver after the fantastic success of their brand new “Mechanical” EP, but for those of you who don’t already know this is for you.

Los Angeles residents Oliver aka Vaughn Oliver and Oliver Goldstein together make up one of the most promising duos in dance music. After the success of their fantastic single “Dirty Talk“, we have been begging for more music from them, and in early January they duly obliged.

We were lucky enough to catch up with the guys last week, and you can read our interview with them below the cut.

Q: How did the release via Fool’s Gold come about? I would have thought you guys would have had quite a lot to bond with A-Trak over given your respective musical histories.

A: A-Trak wanted to do some collaborations and his management (Kevin Kusatsu) recommended us, from there we started a really good working relationship. He really liked what we were doing and wanted to put a record out with us. He was really hands on with the process, listening to demos and giving feedback, him and Nick Catchdubs helped to decide which songs made the EP.

Q: I’m guessing that the theme of your new EP is all in the name, but was there a particular thought process running through your minds when creating the tracks?

A: It wasn’t a conscious decision really, we just made a bunch of songs in a couple months and those ones seemed to fit together quite well in the end. It’s just a snapshot of what we were into at the time musically. We made other songs that had full vocals and more classic structures but they didn’t seem like the right fit for a Fools Gold release. Maybe some of them will be released when we do a full length record.

Oliver – “MYB”

Q: Your new Mechanical EP has gone down to rapturous reception so far. Will this spur you on to a full album release in the near future?

A: Nothing concrete at the moment. We’re just waiting to see how the EP does first, it’s something we would love to do though. 

Q: We’ve seen a few collaborations recently with both A-Trak and Alex Metric, have you got any others lined up for the future?

A: We just did a remix we for Kris Menace, not sure when it will be released but it should be within the next couple months, stay tuned! We’ll put it on our Soundcloud soon.

Oliver – “Night Is On My Mind”

Q: Who would your dream collaboration be with?

A: Prince because he is Prince

Q: You’ve taken on a wide variety of remixes in your career so far, how do you approach the work when you receive a new request? Is there a particular genre that you like to remix especially?

A: We’ve been kind of cutting back on the remix work lately to focus on original music, but when we do a remix we usually listen to the vocal and see if it’s something we want to keep or just sample small parts from and just make something completely different. Sometimes the artist will ask for something that’s simular to our previous work, other times they just let us do whatever we want, which is the best. 

Oliver – “Control”

Q: You’re touring across North America soon with Dillon Francis. Are you looking forward to seeing how your new music goes down with the crowds?

A: Yes, were interested to see how people react, and if they know the songs. 

Q: Do you have any plans this Summer to come across the pond to Europe?

A: The only tour I can actually speak about at the the moment is the “Wurld Turr” which is happening this March and we’ll be all over the USA. We played in Europe last summer and it was so fun, hopefully we’ll be back soon.

Oliver – “Mechanical”

Q: Lastly, could you name 3 albums that you haven’t been able to stop playing recently?

A: Toro y Moi –  “Anything In Return” / Daft Punk “Discovery” / Camp Lo “Uptown Saturday Night”


Massive thanks go out to Oliver (Facebook/Twitter) who took the time out of their day to answer our questions. We already know how good their Mechanical EP is, but on the off-chance you don’t have their #1 selling Beatport release already, go and buy it now!