Savant – Survive

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We have been tracking Savant for a long time, and although his music output is prolific, the quality of it seems to improve with every release. Savant has dropped a stunning nine albums in just two years (which is fucking ridiculous), with his latest effort “Orakle” available to buy on 11 December. The lead track…


Savant – ♥ (Heart)

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Savant Heart

If we are talking about technical ability within the dance music production community right now then Savant is at the very forefront of the pack. After all, it’s exactly why he’s got that name. His latest release “♥ (Heart)” switches its style up so much during its 6 minute duration that it will leave your…


Savant – Prelude

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Savant Overworld

Savant is making a big name for himself in the world of electro, dropping consistently solid records with very little time in between each release. He has already released two albums in 2012 alone, and his brand new 17-track album “Overworld” will be the third this year. Check out “Prelude” below, and see why the…


Savant – Fuck Nexus (Official Music Video)

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I’ve been meaning to post up some Savant for quite a while now but never actually got round to it. However, I have just been given the perfect excuse, as yesterday he uploaded the official music video for “Fuck Nexus” (taken from his 2012 album “Vario“). As his name suggests he is quite the prodigy behind…