Brandon Flowers


Brandon Flowers – Flamingo (Album Review)

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This album is almost exactly what one would expect to be created by someone named Brandon Flowers. It is easy, care-free, flowing music from start to finish but it lacks a lyrical punch. The album trickles effortlessly throughout but flirts dangerously with becoming pleasant background noise rather than a must-listen-to album. With a slow tempo…


Brandon Flowers – Crossfire (Official Music Video)

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Brandon Flowers has a new single out called Crossfire, and what better promotion could you get than putting the incredibly sexy Charlize Theron in your music video? None probably. The music video was directed by Australian Nash Edgerton, and it depicts a hapless Brandon being tied and beaten, then being rescued by the stunning martial…


Brandon Flowers – Crossfire

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I’m not sure what I was expecting from Brandon Flowers’s new solo material, but I don’t think this was it. As the newly leaked first single Crossfire, from his forthcoming solo debut album Flamingo illustrates, his solo stuff sounds quite a lot like his Killers material. It has those new wave-y guitars, that galloping bassline,…


30 Seconds To Mars – Hurricane featuring Kanye West

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This track is taken from 30 Seconds To Mars’ new album “This Is War”, and it features guest appearances from Kanye West (Vocals) and Brandon Flowers (Piano). “I had actually brought up the idea of working with West some time ago, but it’s pretty unbelievable that it actually happened,” Leto said. “He came by here,…