Kids of The Apocalypse – Masters of The Sun

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Kids of The Apocalypse Masters of The Sun

Dropped into the Disco Naivete inbox today was a cryptic track called “Masters of the Sun” by a new band called Kids of The Apocalypse. Judging by the amount of money that has been sunk into their amazing music video, and band website, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that they are signed to a major label, but who exactly are they?

Unfortunately, as of yet my internet detective skills haven’t turned up much at all. Their first follower on Twitter was the incredible Richard X, so we assume that he has something to do with the mystery project, but the most baffling thing so far is that the hostname of their site resolves here, which is some kind of Catalan music blog.

If anyone can one-up my detective work then feel free. In the meantime, enjoy the free download.

Kids of The Apocalypse – “Masters of The Sun”