Russ Chimes – We Need Nothing To Collide

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Russ Chimes - We Need Nothing To Collide

Who are we to call Russ Chimes into question? Not only is the boy wonder delivering a bi-monthly mix series, but he has also just announced a brand new EP called “Sula“, forthcoming on 14 July via his very own Uno Mas record label.

The first track we get to hear from it is the progressive “We Need Nothing To Collide“, which is an intricately woven cacophony of seemingly disparate sounds that mesh together perfectly as the playtime ticks on. Obviously inspired by the recent movie score work (with a piano intro slightly reminiscent of Moby‘s “God Moving Over The Face of The Waters” from the movie Heat), this is yet another chapter in the forward thinking bible of Chimes.

Stream: Russ Chimes – “We Need Nothing To Collide”