Highlights of Glastonbury 2010: Day 1

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Chart topping animated band Gorillaz performed as headliners on the main stage at the festival last night, busting out a live rendition of their hit Stylo (unfortunately it was sans Mos Def – which would have been awesome).

Gorillaz were called up as a last minute replacement for U2, due to the fact that Bono hurt his back in an unfortunate yoga related incident.

There has been quite a lot of criticism surrounding the Gorillaz’ performance, and even I can tell that there was a severe lack of substance and emotion that could have probably been rectified if they had managed to at least sort out some holograms for the occasion.

On the other hand, it’s quite hard to criticise Damon Albarn who has clearly had little time to prepare for a gig that they were never expecting to do in the first place.

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Kele (of Bloc Party) was to be found on the John Peel Stage, and he performed his newly released solo single Tenderoni.

Although it’s nice to hear Kele’s proper voice again, the studio version of the song is so auto-tuned and distorted that it sounds a bit odd hearing it sung live. It didn’t seem to bother the crowd though as it looked like they were absolutely loving it.

Also if anyone knows who the blonde is in his band, let me know pls. Thx.

As mentioned earlier, the Gorillaz headlined the Pyramid stage on Friday night, but Radiohead attracted the most adoring crowd in a not-so-secret/surprise set on the Park stage earlier in the evening (Lissie was on the Park stage too even earlier on, I wonder if she performed her Kid CuDi cover again?).

By 8:30pm, there were plenty of people staring at the Park stage in eager anticipation, not knowing who the special guests were that they were going to see.

To the the crowd’s delight, the surprise guests were Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood, who performed a stripped-down set that included Radiohead classics such as: Pyramid Song. Street Spirit, and Karma Police – part of which you can watch above (even though cameras were not allowed to film the performance – teehee).