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Jai Paul Jai Paul

Just as Daft Punk thought they were the most popular band on the Internet, Jai Paul raises his head from under the sand to deliver a killer blow to their Coachella PR efforts. Being the master troll that he is, what better way to deliver a brand new set of tracks than via a low key release that no-one knows about?

We can’t help but feel partially responsible for this upload, as even though we made it very clear from the outset it was our unofficial “Everlasting” mixtape release earlier in the year which even had the likes of Emeli Sande baffled:

Oh my lucky night ...Jai Paul has an EP out too!! #everlasting
Emeli Sandé

What we do know is that this release has pretty much come from Jai Paul himself, separate from XL.

However, is this his debut album? No.

While all other outlets are flipping out (like what we did there?), these just sound like his master files of the demos that were floating around during his Myspace era. Looking at the spectrals for even the FLAC version that was put out on bandcamp, it suggests that all of the files, even the FLAC ones are badly transcoded.  The spectrals look awful which show it was probably lossy mastered. Not cool.

He’s also charging for a download which includes unlicensed samples from the likes of Harry Potter, Gossip Girl, and Mad Men. That’s lawsuit material, and something which XL’s lawyers would never allow. There has been a lot of disinformation spread recently thanks to one of the shittest blog articles I have ever read, which I think was the final straw for Jai who then decided to fire this bomb in retaliation.

Don’t be confused though, knowing the copyright policy that Beggars Group have in place, if this didn’t have some kind of go-ahead from someone at XL then the page would have been taken down straight away. It’s strange that Bandcamp were so unresponsive to one of the most high profile releases they have ever had on the site. “Everlasting” was getting 0-day DMCA takedowns from filesharing websites, whereas this “Jai Paul” release was up on a legit music sales platform for basically 36 hours.

Hopefully what we are now seeing is a shift of power back into Jai Paul’s hands, as this release officially signals the end of his Myspace/Demo era. Now that he has put all of his music out there, no-one else will be able to leak or pull any surprises anymore.

01. ID
02. Str8 Outta Mumbai
03. Zion Wolf
04. ID
05. Genevieve
06. Raw
07. Crush
08. ID
09. Jasmine
10. A Thousand Light-Years From You
11. ID
12. Baby Beats
13. ID
14. Chix
15. All Night

Of course a lot of this tape won’t come as anything new to people who were big fans of Jai Paul in the first place, but it should keep us all satisfied until his proper debut finally emerges. Listen/buy it below:

Jai Paul – “Jai Paul” (Mixtape)