Flight Facilities – Triple J Mix Up 1972-2012 Mixes

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Flight Facilities Triple J 1972 2012 Mix

A few months ago, Aussie radio station Triple J commissioned the ever amazing Flight Facilities to put together a trilogy of mixes which ended up incorporating three whole decades of music. The three mixes each span ten years in length from 1972 to 2002, and they include some of the biggest classics of the age, as well as cleverly sampling clips from major historical events during those periods.

I was holding off on posting this trilogy of mixes until the final instalment was delivered, and thankfully that occurred just a few minutes ago. A LOT of effort went into making this, which you can read about here, but maybe the best thing to do would to dive straight into the streams below and just witness the awesomeness for yourselves.

Oh and did I mention these badboys are available as free downloads!? This is one of the hottest posts of the year for sure.

Download: Flight Facilities – “Triple J Mix Up 1972-1982 Mix”

Download: Flight Facilities – “Triple J Mix Up 1982-1992 Mix”

Download: Flight Facilities – “Triple J Mix Up 1992-2002 Mix”

Download: Flight Facilities – “Triple J Mix Up 2002-2012 Mix”

edit: They have apparantly extended the original trilogy to a quadrilogy.