The Weeknd – Live @ Supper Club London

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The Weeknd Live in London

Last night The Weeknd played a “secret” gig in the heart of Notting Hill to a half-half crowd of die hard fans and wannabe posers. As you can see from the set-list above, it was quite an interesting selection of tracks which was heavily skewed towards his first mixtape release “House of Balloons“. He threw in a few extras to boot with the inclusion of the fan-favourite “Crew Love“, as well as the currently unreleased “Enemy” which he revealed was written very recently during a trip to New York.

All-in-all it was a very impressive performance, even though it was somewhat hampered by a sub-standard soundsystem which didn’t provide him with any opportunity to truely let his vocals go. A special mention must also go to the immensely talented instrumentalists that he is lucky enough to have with him as part of his touring band. He provided all of them with several opportunities to demonstrate their talent, and they delivered each and every time.

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing him in a proper music venue next time, not an overly pretentious club that charges £17 ($27) for a single spirit and mixer. Great performance, absolutely awful venue choice.

p.s. You will have plenty of opportunities to catch his performances this week as he is set to appear on both Radio 1 and Jools Holland in the coming days.