King Laconic – Muddy Snow (Album Review)

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King Laconic - Muddy Snow

Like a lark on a crisp winter’s morning, King Laconic’s first EP is a subtle séance with loss and loneliness. Gentle yet prevailing, one can’t help but associate Laconic with the elements. He’s a pause of alpine air. The careful storm that is created by the 6 tracks (7, if you discover the hidden number) is a poetic dally with transition and coming-of-age. Brendan Bennett, the man behind King Laconic, is a wonder with words, offering lyrics brimming with emotional intensity. The falsetto nature of Laconic’s voice, alike Bon Iver in its lucidity and caress, creates a sound intimately engaged in meaning.

You can’t deny that the whole EP is spun together with a wistful undertone of lost love and the seasons. Musically, Muddy Snow is chillingly simply and concise. There is no pretence here; this really is an EP that was recorded in a cupboard in someone’s house. And with that in mind, Muddy Snow is a powerful achievement. King Laconic, who only started writing music in 2008, has captured melancholy and put it on ice.

King Laconic will be gigging around Norwich in the coming months and is a marvel live, go melt with him. Listen and download here.