Wolfgang Gartner


Wolfgang Gartner – Flexx

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Wolfgang Gartner Flexx

Wolfgang Gartner seems to have been taking a lot of flack for his most recent releases, mainly because they have deviated away from the trademark sound that he has cultivated over the past few years. It’s a shame that there’s still this stupid mentality from fans who never want to see an artist develop or…


Wolfgang Gartner – There And Back

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Wolfgang Gartner There And Back

Wolfgang Gartner is definitely one of my favourite producers around, simply because I know that every track he comes out with will leave me itching to head to the nearest dancefloor. Although he recently dropped his debut studio album Weekend In America back in late 2011, he is already coming through with new material, the…


Updated: Skrillex & Wolfgang Gartner – The Devil’s Den

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Skrillex has been back in the US recently doing some more live shows and he has again used the opportunity to debut some brand new material. This time around he has been teasing the crowd with a new collaborative track called Devil’s Den that he has recorded with the brilliant Wolfgang Gartner. This sounds exactly…


Wolfgang Gartner – Cognitive Dissonance

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Wolfgang Gartner Cognitive Dissonance

Having a BSc in Business Management means that I have come into contact with the psychological concept of Cognitive Dissonance far more than any person should have. To put it simply Cognitive Dissonance is the idea that a person will feel discomfort if they hold conflicting ideas simultaneously and that there is an inate motivational…


Wolfgang Gartner – Forever feat. Will.I.Am

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One one hand I hate Will.I.Am for going around jacking peoples’ music and claiming it as his own, but on the other hand i’m still pretty impressed that he had a part to play in Perez Hilton getting punched in the face. With his karma stacking up at just about even, I don’t really feel…


Essential Mix of The Year 2010 – The Nominees

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As we come to a close for the year there are several awards that need to be dished out before 2011 can begin. One of which is the title of Essential Mix of The Year, a coveted prize considering the amazing quality of talent who are invited to do sets on Pete Tong’s show. To…