Roll Deep


Roll Deep – Picture Perfect

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Roll Deep Picture Perfect

Roll Deep were considered an underground act since I first remember hearing about them back in high-school circa 2002. However last year something changed, they successfully made the crossover switch to a more commercial sound and racked up two #1 singles in the process. Although their album Winner Stays On only managed to chart at…


Roll Deep – Take Control feat. Alesha Dixon (Official Music Video)

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Roll Deep are going for a hat-trick of number 1s with the release of Take Control, which features singer/judge Alesha Dixon. It seems that the crew are really riding out this electro/grime crossover for all that it’s worth, but I don’t think after this single they can have much more success with this style of…


Skepta – Rescue Me (Official Music Video)

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Rescue Me is the brand new single from Skepta, who will be looking to capitalise on the recent success of other underground acts such as Tinie Tempah and Roll Deep. Skepta has been aiming for a top ten hit for a while now with tracks such as Rolex Sweep and Sunglasses, but he may have…