Pharrell Williams


Game – Ain’t No Doubt About It feat. Pharrell & Justin Timberlake

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I have to admit this wasn’t he style of music that I was expecting from Game’s first single release from his upcoming release The Red Album. I was expecting him to have a much harder beat, but this joint which is produced by Pharrell & JT is very laid back. The increasing amount of Timberlake…


Lupe Fiasco – I’m Beaming

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This song is rumoured to be off of Lupe’s much awaited album “Lasers”, and as you probably can tell from the opening chords, Pharell is tinkling the ivories, and his partner in crime Chad, provides the percussion. It’s more laid back than some of his “Enemy of The State” material which is a nice change….


Some stuff I missed out during my disappearance..(Part 1)

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I’m not going to stick all of the things I have missed in one post so I’m going to try and stagger them inbetween trying to finish my Uni coursework. First up is Shakira who released “She Wolf” (the album not the single) on the 9th October. It has received very positive reviews from some…


Today’s music selection..

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3 tracks for you today, I’m going to start adding more regular features soon to add to my “Record of The Week” posts so keep checking back for regular updates! Clipse – All Eyes On Me feat. Keri Hilson Clipse are back with another smash, this time featuring a very nice cameo from lady of…