Album Stream Roundup: Miguel, Muse & Flying Lotus

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Muse The Second Law Album Stream

The sixth studio album “The 2nd Law” byMuse, is now streaming online one full week before its scheduled released date. The stream includes new track “Follow Me“, which was produced together with Nero. Check it out above.   Although Miguel’s original plan was to release 3 EPs before the unveiling of his brand new album…


Miguel – Do You

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Miguel Do You

As some of you may already know, Miguel‘s forthcoming album “Kaleidoscope Dream” will be released in three parts. The first EP entitled “Kaleidoscope Dream: The Water Preview” was released back in July, and from it we got his huge single “Adorn“. His second EP, “Kaleidoscope Dream: The Air Preview” will be released on September 11,…


Top 30 Chillout Songs of 2012

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Chillout songs 2012

Chillout music (also referred to as chill out, chill wave or simply chill), always seems to transport me away from assiduous metropolis, into utopic suburbia, with ethereal instruments and soulful harmonies accompanying me. Personally, I believe chill out music isn’t synonymous with any genre or musical structure, it’s anything that relaxes you. Some people listen to the…


Remix of the Month May 2011

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The amount of remixes that we have to choose from this year compared to 2010 is astounding, and this again is yet another very tough choice for who to put through for the month of May. So far I’ve been pretty much wrong with my predictions of who will go through so it will be…


Miguel – Sure Thing feat. Pusha T (Remix)

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Miguel – Sure Thing feat. Pusha T (Remix)

Finally we have possibly my favourite track out of all of today’s songs so far, the official remix to Miguel‘s second single Sure Thing which features guest verses from Pusha T (who seems to be absolutely everywhere at the moment). Pusha doesn’t try to overdo it here, which is perfect since this track was pretty…


Miguel – Hard Way feat. Gilbere Forte’ (Remix)

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Gilbere Forte’ is obviously on the up and up, first delivering a fantastic mixtape in the form of Eyes of Vertias, and now jumping on the remix of newcomer Miguel‘s probable next single Hard Way. We’re big fans of both artists, and this collaboration just cements their place in our hearts. Props to P&P. Miguel…