Tinie Tempah – Invincible feat. Kelly Rowland

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Having kept his album tracks under lock and key for most of the year, Tinie Tempah suddenly seems to be springing leaks right, left and centre! Tinie’s collaboration with Kelly Rowland on Invincible was one of Disc-Overy‘s most eagerly awaited tracks but I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether it has lived up…


Labrinth – Let The Sun Shine

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Don’t worry yourselves, singer/songwriter/producer (and Simon Cowell’s gateway to cool) hasn’t decided to go and do a cover of that song from the musical Hair. It’s just the coincidental name of his first solo single. Let The Sun Shine is a mid-tempo number that should do pretty well for itself (if we actually manage to…


Loick Essien – Love Drunk

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After playing second fiddle to the likes of Bashy, Chipmunk and Sway for the past few years, Loick Essien finally gets a chance to step out of the shadows with his first solo single Love Drunk. Loick was recently snapped up by Sony and was quickly signed on a development deal. Since then he has…


Tinie Tempah @ Radio 1’s Live Lounge

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First off, don’t ask me why the hell they have decided to wear ‘crazy sun protectors’ in a clearly well lit studio, they both look like bloody idiots. Back on topic though, Tinie Tempah and Labrinth once again combined at the Live Lounge to give an acoustic performance of Tinie’s latest single Frisky – which…


Tinie Tempah – Frisky feat. Labrinth (Official Music Video)

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[pro-player width=’560′ height=’340′ type=’video’ image=’’][/pro-player] Tinie Tempah is finally ready to release his second official single after his debut, Pass Out, absolutely stormed the UK charts to reach the #1 spot, back in early March. The video for his new single Frisky isn’t just about him standing on the spot, swinging his arms about, with…