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Skylar Grey – C’mon Let Me Ride feat. Eminem

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Skylar Grey Cmon Let Me Ride

When we heard that Eminem was executive producing Skylar Grey‘s forthcoming second studio album “Don’t Look Down“, we were slightly surprised, but given his recent form we figured it could be a potential masterstroke if pulled off correctly. After hearing “C’mon Let Me Ride” (the first single from the album), it seems that we may have…


Nicki Minaj – Girls Fall Like Dominoes

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If you’re anything like me, then you would have instantly been shaking your head at the title of this song the moment you saw it. I’m pretty sure this was my thought process at the time: Surely not? Really? Nah, it can’t be..*clicks play*..right..I guess it is then. SMH. Yup, you correctly guessed it, J.R….


J R Rotem Domination

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J R Rotem seems to be really killing it at the moment, wherever you look there seems to be one of his productions doing really, really well. In England he recently hit the number one spot with JLS and their single “Everybody In Love” and over the Atlantic he is dominating the Billboard Top 100…