Great Good Fine Ok


Great Good Fine Ok & Panama Wedding – Easy Lover (Phil Collins & Philip Bailey Cover)

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We all love a classic cover now and again, and luckily for us two of our favourite rising american bands: Great Good Fine Ok, and Panama Wedding, have joined forces to make our dreams come true. Easily the best thing about this “Easy Lover” cover is the keytar solo¬†which finishes the track off with aplomb….


Great Good Fine Ok – Take It Or Leave It

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After dropping two simply stunning power-pop EPs over the past year, Great Good Fine Ok are back with a brand new original single that wouldn’t sound out of place in your favourite 80s childhood movie. “Take It Or Leave It” is proof that the duo are simply unstoppable at the moment, evidenced by the fact…


Great Good Fine Ok – By My Side

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With each new release we wonder whether Great Good Fine Ok are finally going to drop the ball and deliver us a song that makes our ears bleed. Fortunately that has not happened so far even though they have delivered a number of original tracks as well as a veritable treasure trove of remixes. “By…


Little Daylight – Love Stories (Great Good Fine Ok Remix)

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Great Good Fine Ok have been smashing every single release thus far, whether it be an original piece of work or a remix such as the one they have just produced for Little Daylight. The thing that has been evident since we first heard¬†Great Good Fine Ok is that they are supremely confident in the…


Great Good Fine Ok – Not Going Home

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Great Good Fine Ok‘s debut SoundCloud upload has already racked up a monsterous half million plays in the 5 months that it has been hosted on the site. That’s fucking crazy. Since then the band have gone on to remix tracks for the likes of Le Youth and St. Lucia, but we have always been…