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Clare Maguire – Light After Dark (Album Review)

Submitted by / 12 years ago / Album Reviews

Even though the media have taken it on their hands to try and maul Clare Maguire‘s debut album Light After Dark completely to pieces, the good news is that the people who matter (the general public), have spoken out in their droves about how much they are enjoying listening to it. I mean if NME…


Clare Maguire – Strangest Thing

Submitted by / 13 years ago / New Songs

Clare Maguire has often been touted as an artist to watch out for, but until now we have only been treated to rough demos of her sound. She dropped out of school at the age of 16 to pursue a career in music using the familiar talent springboard, Myspace. Electro producer Primary 1 was eager…


Taio Cruz – Rokstarr (Album Review)

Submitted by / 14 years ago / Album Reviews

I have a lot of respect for Taio Cruz, he has to be the most talented male solo artist in the UK at the moment. Who else do you know that has had a #1 album which they produced and wrote themselves? I can’t think of one. The reason that I like Taio so much…


Cheryl Cole – 3 Words (Album Review)

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So here we have Cheryl Cole’s debut solo album. Is it going to sell well? I don’t think I even need to answer that, Cheryl seems to have attained an almost godlike status in the UK now – she can do no wrong. She has recruited some musical heavyweights to help establish herself as a…