Dua Lipa


100 Artists to Watch in 2016

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Artists to Watch in 2015

Here it is, our “100 Artists To Watch in 2016” list. Although we don’t seem to have a consistent way of presenting our yearly “Ones to Watch” lists, we do know that our lofty ambition of writing 150 detailed artist entries for the 2015 edition was simply too much for a single person to handle. Unfortunately…


Dua Lipa – Be The One

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We’ve been watching rising star Dua Lipa for some time, but with the release of her latest single “Be The One” (Produced by Digital Farm Animals, and co-written by our favourite Pawws) we think this is the track to take her into the mainstream. Catchy, bouncy, and with limitless replayability, this is a simply stunning pop…