Diddy-Dirty Money


Remix of the Month – March 2011

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Yet another toughie for you guys to mull over when you decide on which remix you would like to progress from last March’s offerings. This is definitely a hard one for me to call, and I do have a personal preference but ultimately the choice is in your hands. Yasmin – “Finish Line” (Freemasons Remix)…


Skylar Grey – Coming Home Part. II

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Skylar Grey Coming Home Part II

Earlier in the year Diddy-Dirty Money released their pretty popular single Coming Home, which enlisted the talents of Skylar Grey who wrote the incredibly catchy hook and also sung the intro. Of course the rest of the song was total garbage but her contribution was significant enough to make it listenable.├é┬áPeople have been crying out…


Diddy-Dirty Money – Ass On The Floor (Gemini Remix)

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I was very skeptical about what this track would sound like before listening to it for several reasons. Firstly, it’s a remix of Diddy-Dirty Money, so lets face it there isn’t much to be working with vocally, and secondly I was asking myself whether Gemini was talented enough to transform this into a dubstep infused…


Diddy-Dirty Money – Hello, Good Morning feat. Eminem (Remix)

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A remix of Diddy-Dirty Money‘s single Hello, Good Morning featuring Eminem surfaced a few days ago with tags all over it, but I’m ready to throw this up now that a clean version has been found. If you’re an Eminem fan then the last month or so must have been amazing considering the amount of…