Azealia Banks


Angel Haze – On The Edge

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Angel Haze On The Edge

I gave up on following Azealia Banks‘s career once it became obvious that she has one of the worst attitudes in the music industry. She has managed to ‘beef’ with more people than I could even care to mention, and frankly her music output so far just doesn’t justify putting up with that kind of…


Details of my life so far… – The Pre-Summer Mix

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Details of my life so far... - The Pre-Summer Mix

Before I left to go on my travels over two months ago I just about finished up a 25 minute mix that didn’t end up doing much apart from sitting on my hard drive. Although the songs now aren’t as bleeding edge as they were when I made the mix, I thought that I would…


Azealia Banks – Fuck Up The Fun

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Azealia Banks Fuck Up The Fun

Azealia Banks just dropped a new track via SoundCloud earlier today called “Fuck Up The Fun“, which was produced by her friend Diplo. Although it’s pretty obvious that she released this track just to try and upstage her mortal enemy Iggy Azalea whose new single drops officially tomorrow. With regards to the track? It’s fairly…


Azealia Banks – 212 (Live in Paris)

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I don’t need to tell you guys that fashion and music go hand in hand, so it’s no surprise to see that some of the major names in the fashion industry have taken Azealia Banks straight to heart. Last week she gave Mugler a specially tailored track called Bambi for use during their Mens show…


Azealia Banks – Need Sum Luv

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Azealia Banks Need Sum Luv

Fresh Azealia Banks today in the form of a new track called Need Sum Luv which was produced by Machinedrum. The instrumental is from Machinedrum’s SXLND, which is off taken from his brand new EP. Azealia Banks – “Need Sum Luv” [Audio clip: view full post to listen]


Scissor Sisters vs. Krystal Pepsy – Shady Love

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Scissor Sisters Shady Love

Although Azealia Banks vehemently denied being part of the Scissor Sister‘s new single Shady Love, it seems as though she was telling a little white lie as she has joined on-board as a co-writer under the pseudonym Krystal Pepsy. I’ve never been a massive fan of the Scissor Sisters but I think I can definitely…