Alt-J – Fitzpleasure (Official Music Video)

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Alt-J Fitzpleasure Music Video

After being nominated yesterday for the prestigious Mercury Music Prize for their debut album “An Awesome Wave“, Alt-J have decided to respond to the exciting news by dropping the official music video for their brand new single “Fitzpleasure“. The video was directed by Guillaume Caignard, and just to warn you, it does feature some nudity. <3


Top 30 Chillout Songs of 2012

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Chillout songs 2012

Chillout music (also referred to as chill out, chill wave or simply chill), always seems to transport me away from assiduous metropolis, into utopic suburbia, with ethereal instruments and soulful harmonies accompanying me. Personally, I believe chill out music isn’t synonymous with any genre or musical structure, it’s anything that relaxes you. Some people listen to the…


Alt J – An Awesome Wave (Album Review)

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Alt J Album Cover

I remember playing in DJ mode on my PSR Yamaha keyboard and pressing the “yea” feature which, looking back, was literally the cheesiest sound effect ever. So rightfully; any musician(s) who can make this rather childish sound effect sound cool – which Alt J (∆) have achieved on “Intro” will always be present within my ever-changing record collection. Alt…


alt-j – Fitzpleasure (bretonLABS Remix)

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alt-j fitzpleasure bretonLABS remix

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that bretonLABS could do a remix completely made up from sounds of a cat being strangled and still manage to make it sound incredible. Not that I’m likening alt-j to such a horrible noise, but I’m sure you understand what I’m trying to say here. This is yet another…