2pac – If They Love Their Kidz

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2pac is amazing isn’t he? Not only are we listening to new, unreleased material from circa ’95, but we also hear that he is still capable of taking shots at Biggie from beyond the grave. If They Love Their Kidz has a nice old school vibe to it, which is a refreshing change from what…


Brenton Duvall – Against a Mad World (Tupac vs. Gary Jules)

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I should have picked this up a few days ago but I didn’t. Oops. Brenton Duvall (and his friend Patrick McKelvy) have unleashed a high quality mash-up between Gary Jules’s UK #1 Mad World, and Tupac’s classic Me Against The World and you need to download it. Dudes must have been taking a leaf out…


Eminem – Love The Way You Lie feat. Rihanna, Tupac & Jay-Z (M-Twist Remix)

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After the immense success of Eminem’s new single Love The Way You Lie, it was kind of obvious that it would spawn a whole host of remixes. On this track, M-Twist has decided to bring 2Pac back from the dead to join up with the other two candidates who are vying for the title of…


Slight problem yesterday

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I lost this post due to technical issues so here it is again: Biggie vs Tupac vs The xx – Runnin’ With The xx (Quix vs Elliot Blend) [Audio clip: view full post to listen]