The White Panda – Rematch

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It seems that remix group The White Panda have gone all showbiz on us, now that they’ve seen a bit of fame it seems that they’ve gone and done a Radiohead!

That’s right, instead of forcing you to pay a fixed amount of money for their new album, you can instead choose to pay what you think it’s worth. So guys, if you’re really that stingy, you can download it for free.

I strongly advise you to at least contribute something though, even if it’s small.

And for all those audiophiles out there (like me), they even offer the download in a variety of encoding formats and options, including OGG Vorbis, AAC, MP3 and more importantly FLAC.

According to the group:

“Rematch is the White Panda’s sophomore album, following Versus. Featuring 47 mashups condensed into 14 tracks, Rematch provides just under an hour of party music for all types of music lovers”

Pop the link below for the tracklist and download link!

01. Juicy O’Riley (Notorious B.I.G // The Who)
02. Don’t Wanna Hurt Your Neck (Khia // The Sounds)
03. Intergalactic Spell (Beastie Boys // Alphabeat)
04. Replaylight (Iyaz // Matt & Kim)
05. Nothin’ On Paris (B.o.B // Friendly Fires)
06. Genius of Play (David Banner // Tom Tom Club)
07. Flippin’ Style (50 Cent // Flipsyde)
08. Alejandhoes (Ludacris // Lady GaGa)
09. The Next Starfucker (Dr. Dre // Starfucker)
10. Excuse Me Miss Cyrus (Jay-Z // Miley Cyrus)
11. Get Like Butterflies (David Banner // Crazy Town)
12. Teach a Billionaire to Diggity (Blackstreet // Cali Swag District // Travis McCoy)
13. Praise Outkast (Outkast // Fatboy Slim)
14. Tipsy In The Sun (J-Kwon // Weezer)
15. Sugar Groove (Flo Rida // Madonna)
16. Smooth Ballin’ (Tupac // Michael Jackson)
17. Welcome to Celebration (Ludacris // Kool & The Gang)
18. Ahh California (Trey Songz // Katy Perry)
19. The Independent Touch (Webbie // Bloodhound Gang)
20. Final Thong (Sisqo // Cassian)
21. Ritual God (Usher // Worship // Bestrack)
22. Freak Faces 2Night (Willie Wonk // Electric Youth)
23. A Cholo You Know (Down AKA Kilo // Two Door Cinema Club)
24. Get Ready To Go Low (Ludacris // 2 Unlimited)
25. Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend To Romance You (Lady GaGa // Black Kids)
26. Never Gonna Set Me Free (Rick Astley // Phonat)
27. I’ll Get Your Whistle (Too Short // Classixx)
28. One More Whoop (Tag Team // Daft Punk)
29. Wired To The Systems (Dorrough // Knightlife // Ying Yang Twins)
30. Heads Will Shake (Eminem // A-Trak // Yeah Yeah Yeahs)
31. Hold On My Momma (Will.i.am. // The Vanish // Russ Chimes)
32. Raining Rude Boys (Rihanna // Moby)
33. Got Some Stratosphere (Obie Trice // Junkie XL)
34. I Wish I Broke Your Heart (Skee-Lo // Taio Cruz)
35. Flashtomania (Phoenix // Calvin Harris)
36. How We Remember (The Game // David Guetta)
37. Rhythm To The House (Snap! // Trick Daddy)
38. Shake The Moonlight (Ying Yang Twins // Fonzerelli)
39. Always Push ‘Em Up (Fatman Scoop // Pet Shop Boys)
40. Kiss Anthonio (Chris Brown // Annie // Designer Drugs)
41. Prez-a-boo (Dead Prez // DEVO)
42. Overnight Panther (Twista // Crystal Castles)
43. Alone Over Here (Alice DeeJay // Young Jeezy)
44. Fireflies Goin’ Down (Young Joc // Owl City)
45. Drake & Diane (Drake // John Mellencamp)
46. Shooting Superstars (Eminem // Bag Raiders)
47. Pop Bottles Baby (Birdman // Justin Bieber)

The White Panda – Rematch