Russ Chimes – Turn Me Out

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Russ Chimes Turn Me Out

Earlier this evening, the legendary Russ Chimes dropped in to Annie Mac‘s Radio 1 studio to drop off a special delivery of a new track called “Turn Me Out“. Naturally it’s another absolute killer track which he has been using to great effect during his recent DJ sets.

I was so glad to see that he was invited in to the studio to drop his new track, because it shows how far he has progressed in the last six months alone. Of course this is all my person opinion, but I think that Madeon has had probably one of the most positive effects on Russ Chimes‘s career to date.

Madeon is one of the most sought after electronic artists in the world right now, demonstrated by the fact that the likes of GQ magazine are desperate to get an interview with him. Why does this involve Russ Chimes you ask? Well they are both signed to the same management company.

Whilst media outlets are bending over backwards to get Madeon exclusives, Russ Chimes is getting massive exposure as a by-product of his success. Would I have expected to hear Russ Chimes to be on heavy rotation each Friday night on Radio 1 this time last year? No way. Does he deserve to be? Hell fucking yes!

Radio 1 have missed out on playing a stunning back catalogue of releases by this man over the last few years, and it’s about damn time he was called in to Annie Mac’s studio to drop a special delivery. Long may this trend continue.

Russ Chimes – “Turn Me Out”