Rihanna’s Loud Medley @ the AMAs

Submitted by / 13 years ago / New Songs

Rihanna was lucky enough to secure the opening performance slot at yesterday’s American Music Awards, and didn’t disappoint by kicking the show off with an impressive 7 and-a-half minute medley of hits from her new album Loud.

Although her vocal performance seemed a bit wobbly at times, this seemed to be a re-occurring theme throughout the show, leading some to speculate on the quality of the audio setup.

Apart from that, this was possibly the most impressive performance of Rihanna’s career to date, and the best part is that she seems to be getting better and better with each show!

There’s no doubting that the push in sales that she will get off the back of this appearance should boost her back to the top of the Billboard 100 charts in no time at all.