Pearl and the Puppets – Because I Do

I know what you’re thinking, I’m fucking sick of bands with that formulaic name style too. “Insert Proper Noun Here” + and the + “Insert Collective Noun Here”. It doesn’t make you individual, so if anyone is out there thinking of naming their new group in this manner…stop it right now.

Having said that though, Pearl and the Puppets were formed in 2006 which was before the formation of Marina, Florence et al., so the blame can’t be fully sent their way.

Because I Do was recently featured in a Vodafone (massive cunts, never buy from them) commercial in Australia, which has in the past has been a great platform for unknown artists to get their music heard by the masses.

Another one of their tracks, Make Me Smile, is being used on the new Victoria’s Secret advert in the US, and instead of financial remuneration, Pearl – real name Katie Sutherland – has asked to be sent some of the company’s sexy undies…

Because I Do is quite a catchy track, and the band has been recently signed up by Universal so expect to hear much more from them in the future.


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