ØRKA – Tell Me

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Orka Tell Me

An easy way for me to tell if I like a song or not is obviously through listening to it, but differentiating between a good song and a stunning one is even easier. For me that comes naturally, as when a song truly makes me sit up and take notice it is accompanied by a delicious feeling of warmth spreading throughout my body, hairs standing on end, and my skin beginning to tingle. This occurs more often when listening to film scores or orchestral pieces, but on very rare instances it happens when listening to pop music. Today was one of those occasions when I listened to ØRKA fantastic new single “Tell Me“.

Without a moment’s notice after clicking play you are hit by the growling bass, the heartfelt piano, and some very clever ‘reversed’ samples. Worries started to creep in when the song edged towards a ‘drop’, but fear not, you’re in safe hands here. There’s even a sax solo towards the end.

This is easily one of the best songs we have heard in 2015 so far. So simple yet so effective.

Stream: ØRKA – “Tell Me”