Misfits – Simon’s Theme (S02E03)

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As you may have noticed last week, I’m a big fan of the Channel 4 drama Misfits, not only for their funny yet compelling script, but also for their excellent selection of music that they play throughout the show.

Last week I was praising their choice of commercial music, but this time around I must mention their amazing in-house team who have composed the beautiful orchestral sections that were a major feature of this week’s episode.

The music has been composed by Beetroot Music who are a major UK production house, normally responsible for various pieces used in advertising (like my Morgan Van Dam post a while back). A lot of these companies compose fantastic music such as this yet do not receive much credit due to the nature of their work – hopefully this will be another exception.

If you are interested in purchasing Simon’s Theme then head over to their Facebook fan page which I have linked to above and register your interest. Beetroot Music have already announced that they will be releasing a Misfits soundtrack.

Misfits – Simon’s Theme

edit: link to their Facebook page is now fixed. Show some love please.