Michael Jackson vs. Daft Punk – Remember To Get Lucky

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Daft Punk Michael Jackson Remeber To Get Lucky

Earlier this week the internet was abuzz with the news that Girl Talk had been playing out two new mashups at his live shows, which included a sweet mix between Michael Jackson‘s “Remember The Time” and Daft Punk‘s “Get Lucky“. We’re kinda hoping that this is a first push from an upcoming album of his. Fingers crossed.

Now this mix has been around for a while in various forms, but often lacks the polish that you would expect from an experienced mashup artist such as Girl Talk. I did do a bit of a scout to find the best version around (imho), and I always found myself coming back to this particular one, which you can stream below:

Listen: Michael Jackson vs. Daft Punk – “Remember To Get Lucky”

Michael Jackson vs. Daft Punk - Remember to Get Lucky

Bonus: Michael Jackson vs. Daft Punk – “Remember Digital Love”

Michael Jackson vs. Daft Punk [Mash Up]

Bonus: Daft Punk – “Get Lucky” (Michael Jackson Edit)

"Get Lucky" Michael Jackson edit