Michael Jackson x Mike Posner – You Make Me Feel Cooler (B.B. Bling Mashup)

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I was unfortunately forced to listen to the radio the other day, which was predictably painful, but one upside was that I heard this incredible mash-up between Michael Jackson‘s iconic single The Way You Make Me Feel and Mike Posner‘s summer smash Cooler Than Me.

Currently weighing in at only 33,000 views on YouTube, this mash-up has clearly flown under the radar for a lot of people and I’m hoping to do my part to bring this to an end.

The most impressive aspect of this mash-up is the fact that this was B.B. Bling‘s first attempt at creating something in this genre. Not bad for his debut effort. It’s also nice to see that MJ is still part of the public’s consciousness, and that’s a great thing considering how fresh his music still sounds today.

Michael Jackson x Mike Posner – The Way You Make Me Feel Cooler Than Me (B.B. Bling Mashup)