Marina & The Diamonds – Living Dead & Sex, Yeah

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I was going to post up new leaked tracks Living Dead and Sex, Yeah by Marina & The Diamonds the other day but by the time I had got myself to a computer most of the audio previews had been removed from the net and I subsequently forgot that they ever existed.

I do feel sorry for Marina though, with no word from her Twitter account since the leaks, I can only assume she has taken a step back from the Internet in order to avoid a potential PR disaster. I remember Marina expressing her frustration when leaked photos from her Shampain video appeared on the net, so I imagine she must have been close to tearing her hair out when she heard the news (I hope she didn’t because it’s lovely).

These two tracks sound like they would have been included on her forthcoming American EP as the production is very polished – a far cry from her early material. I guess it remains to be seen about what will happen with them!

Marina & The Diamonds – Living Dead

Marina & The Diamonds – Sex, Yeah

p.s. If you really want to feel sorry for her, type “Marina Diamandis” into Google and see what auto-complete throws up.