The Killabits – Stray Bullet

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I was helping my friend search yesterday for a walk out song for his upcoming boxing match which takes places in a few weeks time. After mulling over some slightly clichéd suggestions we hit upon some real gems: the boss music from Streets of Rage, Bullet In The Head by Rage Against The Machine, but luckily we stumbled upon a track by The Killabits.

I have to admit I hadn’t heard of them before, but their track Stray Bullet is absolutely filthy and instantly sounded like the kind of music we were searching for. The Killabits are a Canadian duo who have produced an absolute monster of a dubstep track that is guaranteed to get more than a few dancefloors moving this summer. Enjoy.

The Killabits – Stray Bullet


p.s. What would your walk out music be?