Gorillaz – The Fall (Free New Album)

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I haven’t mentioned the Gorillaz‘ new album The Fall on this blog before, but no doubt by now you will have heard the famous spiel about Damon Albarn recording the whole thing on his iPad over 32 days on the band’s North American tour this Autumn as a welcome distraction from the monotony of touring.

He said: “I literally wrote everything on the day in each place and there’s a strange sort of sound of America and its musical traditions that comes through. It feels like a journey through America.”

As if we hadn’t had enough xmas goodies from artists already over the past few days, this album has just dropped as a free download and you can grab it exclusively here.

Happy Christmas everybody!

01. Phoner To Arizona
02. Revolving Doors
03. HillBilly Man
04. Detroit
05. Shy-town
06. Little Pink Plastic Bags
07. The Joplin Spider
08. The Parish of Space Dust
09. The Snake In Dallas
10. Amarillo
11. The Speak It Mountains
12. Aspen Forest
13. Bobby In Phoenix
14. California And The Slipping Of The Sun
15. Seattle Yodel

Gorillaz – The Fall | Alternative Download Link