Timbaland – Break Ya Back feat. Dev

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Timbaland Dev Break Ya Back

Remember when Timbaland productions used to dominate every single frequency on your local radio? Those were definitely the golden days, back when he was churning out classic after classic. However, it looks like that era is now definitely over as his new promotional single “Break Ya Back” (which features non-entity Dev) is disappointing to say the least.

It’s undeniable that the instrumental is very tight in places, but the BPM is too slow for the clubs and there’s absolutely nothing ground-breaking to be heard whatsoever. The addition of Dev is just a poor attempt at pandering to the masses, which goes against everything that I thought his “Shock Value” series was supposed to stand for.

On the other hand, I figure that if I set my expectations as low as they can go for “Shock Value III” then there is still a very small possibility that I might be pleasantly surprised come release day.

Hopefully his forthcoming material with Missy Elliott will be able to lift my spirits a bit more.

Timbaland – “Break Ya Back” feat. Dev