Plan B – Ill Manors

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Plan B Ill Manors Single

We haven’t really heard from Ben Drew (a.k.a Plan B) since he stopped promoting his second studio album The Defamation of Strickland Banks, but as we already knew, he has been feverishly working away on his forthcoming film and third studio album combo called “Ill Manors“. I don’t really rate Plan B as an actor, but I am more than welcoming to the prospect of new music, especially since the new album has been described as a “hip hop musical”.

Zane Lowe was given permission to drop the lead single “Ill Manors“, earlier tonight on Radio 1, with the full track made available shortly afterwards on Plan B’s official SoundCloud page.

Regardless of what I personally think of the project, Plan B has to be applauded for the sheer dedication and perseverance to bring his dreams to life. “Ill Manors” was in development for three years prior to the start of filming, with Drew having to cut his teeth on small directorial projects way before that as he was initially refused funding due to his inexperience as a director.

That’s not all though. “Ill Manors” was written and directed by Drew himself, and in order to raise funds for the completion of the film’s post-production, the distribution rights had to be sold to a third party, which in turn has delayed the release date of his (previously planned third) studio album “The Ballad of Belmarsh“.

I mean the whole thing could turn out to be a pile of shit, but at least he has taken the risk and put in the effort to get to the stage where he can properly release it to the general public. From one entrepreneur to another, he gets big respect.

Plan B – “Ill Manors”