Pixie Lott – Coming Home feat. Jason DeRulo

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Pixie Lott FHM

The chavtastic Pixie Lott has decided to team up with pop music’s #1 sample thief Jason DeRulo for her new single Coming Home, a track which straight up jacks the flow from Cutting Crew’s legendary song (I Just) Died In Your Arms.


I do have a great story for you relating to Pixie. I am “lucky” enough to be at the same University as her brother, and his antics at the Students’ Union a few nights ago are soon to go down in campus history.

Apparently he rocked up to an absolutely heaving bar demanding that he received service immediately. When he was told that he would have to wait his turn, he whipped out the immortal line – “Do you know who I am? I’m Pixie Lott’s brother”. When the barstaff maintained their lack of interest in the little tosser, he then took a load of notes out of his pocket and proceeded to rip them up one by one, exclaiming that he was far richer than everyone working behind the bar.

Absolutely brilliant. I still find it hard to believe that oxygen thieves like this actually exist in real life, but you really can’t argue with that kind of evidence.

Pixie Lott – Coming Home feat. Jason DeRulo