P!nk – Raise Your Glass

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Pink - Raise Your Glass

P!nk returned today with the release of her brand new single Raise Your Glass. The track is a new creation that will feature alongside her back catalogue of #1s on her first ever Greatest Hits compilation, due for release in November.

I’m pretty sure that Dr. Luke was heavily involved in the production on this track, as you can really tell from the opening few bars.

It’s a decent song and all, but I really think that Dr. Luke needs to switch up his style a little. The guitar tone, the drum beat, and the delivery of P!nk’s lyrics, makes this sound incredibly like Katy Perry’s single Teenage Dream (which he was also responsible for).

I could be totally wrong though if it turns out to be produced by someone else, what do you guys think?

P!nk – Raise Your Glass