Hard-Fi – Good For Nothing

I have somehow managed to glaze over the fact that Hard-Fi have finally decided to return to music with the release of their new single Good For Nothing.

I loved their debut album Stars of CCTV, and certain elements of their sophomore effort Once Upon a Time In The West, and I think it’s fair to say that my feelings were reciprocated by the general public. Although both albums hit the #1 spot in the UK, their first effort went 2x Platinum, whilst the second only managed a Silver certification.

Taking an unexpected four year break, Hard-Fi have finally applied the finishing touches to their new album Killer Sounds, and are obviously ready to share it with the world.

I really want to like their new single Good For Nothing, but having listened to it several times now I still can’t shake the fact major elements of it sound exactly like 99 Problems by Jay-Z. I can’t be the only one making this connection?

Hard-Fi – Good For Nothing

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