The Good Natured – Can’t Beat The Machines (Madeon Remix)

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The Good Natured Can't Beat The Machines Madeon Remix

It looks as though the three-piece electropop group The Good Natured have decided to sign up Madeon to remix their brand new single “Can’t Beat The Machines“. There doesn’t even seem to be a copy of the original available on the net yet, so this unfortunately looks like quite an advanced leak for the group.

Audio wise, this has trademark Madeon sound all over it so there’s no real question over its authenticity. It will be interesting to hear the original though, just to see how much he has manipulated it.

The Good Natured – “Can’t Beat The Machines” (Madeon Remix)

All of the above is total bullshit, and unfortunately you cannot now hear it as Madeon asked us to remove the file in question.

@ It's not a remix. It's an original unfinished instrumental idea. A songwriter submitted a topline and that's what leaked.