Enter Shikari – Quelle Surprise

Submitted by / 13 years ago / New Singles

I have been a fan of Enter Shikari ever since I heard the first few tracks from their debut album Take To The Skies. The boys are now ready to release studio album number three, and their new single Quelle Surprise is the first taster of what the rest of the material will sound like.

As with Quelle Surprise, a lot of their new songs have become increasingly political in nature, which has seen them aim several verbal shots at the UK government. This doesn’t bother me at all, in fact, it’s great to see songs being released with a thought-provoking message, instead of the same old recycled clichés we often find at the top of the chart.

I know a lot of you may not like this kind of sound, but if you manage get past the screaming sections then I think you might actually enjoy it. Don’t think Enter Shikari are just a one trick pony though, one of my favourite tracks of theirs is a complete polar opposite to Quelle Surprise.