Alex Metric & Jacques Lu Cont – Safe With You feat. Malin (Vocal Mix)

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Alex Metric Jacques Lu Cont Malin Safe With You

We’ve already written a post where we gushed over Alex Metric and Jacques Lu Cont‘s brand new single “Safe With You“, which features Malin (from Niki & The Dove), but what we didn’t realise was that there was a vocal mix of the track still to be delivered.

Last night Pete Tong dropped the brand new 3-minute version of “Safe With You” which includes a whole new host of lyrics straight from the pen of the Swedish pop sensation Malin. We didn’t think this track could get any better but thankfully we have been proved wrong!

We love “Safe With You“, we love the Venn diagram artwork, and we love the fact that with the right push this could easily do some chart damage in the UK.

Alex Metric & Jacques Lu Cont – “Safe With You” feat. Malin (Vocal Mix)